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This Red Shouldered Hawk was spotted along the shore of one of the larger rainfall retention ponds here.  This pond is next to a health club that is undergoing construction.  It had rained earlier in the day so there was a lot of water in this basin.  This is the same basin where I have spotted egrets and ducks so I was not totally surprised to see this hawk there.

This hawk had a meal that it was dining on.  I only rarely spot hawks eating.  There was a lot going on around this area so the bird did not stay there on the lawn very long.  I took these pictures on Saturday, March 30, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.




Comments on: "A Bird of Prey With It’s Prey" (8)

  1. Hawks are gorgeous –but I hate it when they want my little backyard birds for dinner….

    Maybe Spring is finally coming to our area this week… I hope so since it has been a LONG winter and a crazy one!!!!


  2. they’re such beauties.

  3. The hawks are a cool sight to see! wonderful series. Have a happy day!

  4. They are fascinating birds, and I see a lot of them here doing a great job of keeping the rodent population in check!

    • Hi Montucky, Good thing you have the hawks to keep those rodent at a good normal level – same here. Thanks for your always appreciated and really nice comments!

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