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This hen is a Mottled Duck and the drake is a hybrid cross between a Mallard Duck and a Mottled Duck.  The intermixing between the Mottled and Mallard Ducks is pretty commonly seen.  These are dabbling ducks.  They tip their heads down into the shallow water to find pond weeds, and grains.  These ducks also occasionally eat insects.

I photographed this same pair of ducks at both the large rainfall retention pond near the health club here, and the smaller golf course pond near one of our main streets in this development..  I scout both of these ponds on a regular basis to spot wildfowl and wading birds.  It rained a lot on Friday night and Saturday so the ponds were full.  I took these pictures on March 26, 2014, and again on March 29, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!







Comments on: "A Mottled Duck & Hybrid Mottled Duck" (6)

  1. Never heard of that one….Don’t know how you keep up with the names of all of those ducks…. ha

    Have a great weekend/week.

    • Hi Betsy, I read a lot. I am really enjoying seeing the few ducks we have had visit here. We only have rainfall retention ponds here in our development so no deep water ponds that are permanent for lots of ducks to enjoy. I am sure your area gets a lot of Winter duck visits in addition to all the Canada Geese you have around. Have a pleasant weekend!

  2. i wonder if the hybrid is able to breed. we had a mallard/muscovy hen here for a few years and i read that meant she was a ‘mule’ duck and unable to reproduce.

    • Hi Theresa, I do not know about the fertility of these particular hybrids though I do think that the drake seen here may be a mix of maybe even 3 – Mottled, Mallard and maybe even Black. Who can say? Pretty strangely marked duck. Have a really happy weekend! I hope your weather is good, too.

  3. I have never seen the Mottled Duck! Maybe someday! Great shots and post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. You have really adapted well to your new environment and it looks like you chose your new home very well! I’m glad to see the diversity of the wildlife there!

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