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Last week I was up in my former community of Crossville, TN for a few days.  I took these pictures of an American Robin; a Cotton-tail Rabbit; a Brown Thrasher; a male Red-winged Blackbird; a male Eastern Bluebird; a family of Wood Ducks and  Canada Geese during this visit. I had limited time and was quite busy, so I did not get to take as many photographs as I would have liked to.   I took these pictures at the Spring Lake RV Park near Fairfield Glade, which is just outside of Crossville, TN.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!







Comments on: "Wildlife in Crossville, TN" (8)

  1. i know you must have enjoyed getting back to tennessee. such a lovely area!

  2. Glad you enjoyed a few days in ‘my’ territory… I had gallbladder surgery last Thursday–so I obviously was not enjoying the birds that day!!!!

    Did you finally sell your home here? What about the little farm? I know you’ll be glad to get all of that ‘off of your back’… There are STILL so many homes for sale here.


  3. I hope you had a nice trip back to your old home.. I enjoyed all the wildlife photos, the birds are great and I love the cute bunny..

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, there were quite a few bunnies there while we stayed. I so enjoyed the large variety of songbirds and of course, the ducklings. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for your comments!

  4. Looks like all of your old wildlife friends turned out to welcome you!

  5. Hi Montucky, I sure do think so. I really appreciate the huge variety of wildlife there. Have a super good Thursday tomorrow!

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