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Mother Killdeer


This mother Killdeer was nesting about 15 feet in back of our travel trailer where it is stored near our home in Marion County, Florida.  We were quite careful to disturb this nesting bird as little as possible last week when we had to move the rig out.  I snapped the pictures quickly and we worked diligently to move our trailer in a safe speedy fashion.

Killdeer are a shorebird.  Inland, these birds often nest on spots in fields where there is a lot of gravel.  Don’t these four eggs blend in well with the ground?  Hard to see if you are not aware.  That is nature’s way.  Killdeer often will put on a show of acting wounded and walking away from their nest to keep eggs or chicks from predators.  This particular Killdeer made this maneuver.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "Mother Killdeer" (8)

  1. their nests are sometimes in the most precarious of places! they are devoted parents, though.

    • Hi Theresa, This bird is a great example of that. No, not disturbed much when we pulled back in. We cared and tried hard to be accurate and quick backing in at our storage space. Have a tremendously nice weekend!

  2. I just love these cute birds, they are adorable.. But, they seem to put their nest in the weirdest places. Have a happy weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, I think it may be that these are shorebirds that have adapted to inland living and try to be as close to what a seashore would be. Who can say? Have a super nice weekend!

  3. Those are great photos of the very cute bird!

  4. What a lovely bird.

    • Hi Jane, Yes, it is a pretty bird. They are found here and there around our housing development but are mainly around the golf course pond areas. This one is at home in the RV parking lot. Have a super nice coming week!

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