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Wild Burros or wild Donkeys which are descendants of miner’s pack animals from the 19th and early 20th Centuries, were happily occupying the roadway at the beautiful and really special Custer State Park in South Dakota.  These animals seem to love visiting with the tourists (I think many people have fed them – but not me)!

The Burros cause safe but sometimes lengthy traffic jams when they congregate on the road itself.  Sometimes I saw about eight Burro’s on the road or next to it.  Some are quite young.  They are cute and pretty safe – but do not depend on these animals being “tame”.  I took these pictures on June 9, 2014, and again on June 11, 2014 in Custer State Park along the “Wildlife Loop Road”.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!








Comments on: "Burros (Donkeys) in Custer State Park, S.Dakota" (10)

  1. I have experienced them, too … they are not shy and know how to beg for treats … I think that they purposefully create road blocks until someone gives in and throws them food. 😉

    • Hi Bearyweather, Maybe they have been conditioned as you say, to go onto the road to find a tasty tie-bit snack! Would not doubt it. Ha! Have a pleasant day and another great day tomorrow!

  2. i’d have a hard time not trying to pet them. 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, Many do successfully pet them. I tried to see if I could get close to the white-colored adult but it was shy so I backed away. The Burros were a lot of fun to watch. Some were very close to people and were petted (and fed). Have a super good day today.

  3. OH my, they are so darn cute.. Wonderful sightings and photos. Thanks for sharing your trip! I must keep this place in mind, if I am ever in the area..Enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Hi Eileen, I highly recommend that you visit Custer State Park near Custer, South Dakota and also near Mt. Rushmore, Hill City, and Rapid City. Lots to do and oh the animals! Have a super good week! P.S. No rain from the Tropical Storm Arthur, so far, but likely we will have storms tonight here in Marion County, FL.

  4. They sure are cute and I bet they know exactly how to con people!

  5. Hi There, Just stopping by to say “Happy 4th of July”…. Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends –or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now…God Bless American –and God Bless YOU.

    Seeing the Burros was one the highlights in Custer… We didn’t have anything to feed them though…

    Hope you all went on the Needles Highway while in that area. That was truly a HUGE highlight.


  6. Hi Betsy, No missed the Needles as I tend to get motion sickness sometimes. Oh well. Yes, I really would like to do that drive. I really am looking forward to a quiet holiday but our association here does a professional fireworks show like yours does. Have a super good Independence day and weekend!

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