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This Grizzly Bear is  a three-year old sow that was walking close to the road through a lot of dead trees.  We spotted this bear while on a morning photo safari tour offered through the official park concessioner in Yellowstone National Park.

This  younger sow (female) was known by the photography guide, Doug.  Doug was a seasoned veteran of many years of photographing Yellowstone’s wildlife and had also been familiar with this bear’s own mother.

I was quite happy to have seen this bear close up but far enough away to be safe and not disturb the bear.  I took these pictures on June 15, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!












Comments on: "A Sow Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park" (9)

  1. she’s just beautiful!

    • Hi Theresa, I think so too! She had a light golden streak across her back which increased her individuality. Have a super good Tuesday tomorrow and thanks for your always appreciated comments!

  2. HI, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did! We did have one crazy thing to happen… We have NEVER had to put up our Hummingbird Feeders at nights. BUT–this morning we saw the one in our front yard on the ground! Wooo–wonder what got into that one?????? Our fun with critters never ends! ha

    I was going to ask you how you KNEW it was a 3 yr. old sow.. Then I read father…. Nice that you had a guide with you. Beautiful photos.. W really LOVE Yellowstone (one of our favorite places we have ever visited)…


    • Hi Betsy, Maybe a Raccoon got your bird feeder? Who can tell. I had even heard that a Black Bear was spotted near the Lake St. George area in recent weeks (a former neighbor mentioned it to me). So maybe it was even, yes, a bear! Have a pleasant day tomorrow!

  3. OOPS –We read FARTHER (not father)… ha…

  4. The Grizzly bears are really cool. I saw one while visting the Tetons Nat’l park, it is a thrill. Awesome photos, the photo tour sounds neat.. Have a great eveing and week ahead!

  5. What a beautiful animal, although not one that I would enjoy meeting on a trail.

    • Hi Montucky, Oh yes, I so agree! We were a fair distance from the bear and I use a long lens so we were very safe. Have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

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