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These American White Pelicans were spotted in the area of Fishing Bridge near Lake Yellowstone on the Yellowstone River.  I was quite happy to see the pelicans as I had previously seen White Pelicans both in Tennessee on Lake St. George in Fairfield Glade (a rare sighting) and in Florida on both coasts.  These pelicans Winter in the warmer areas such as Florida and many spots along the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, White Pelicans are pretty commonly seen on large rivers and lakes in the Midwestern states in the Summer months.  These large birds mostly eat fish.  This area of Yellowstone is very lovely and much less crowded than the areas near Old Faithful (about 35 miles away).  I took these pictures on June 15, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_2751DSC_2757 (1)DSC_2762


Comments on: "White Pelicans in Yellowstone National Park" (8)

  1. we almost had a small flock stop here one year during migration, but my dogs’ barking scared them off!

  2. Nice to see them. I didn’t know they were in Yellowstone, but I haven’t been there in many years.

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, I saw the pelicans every day as we were RV camping at Fishing Bridge. There were perhaps about 20 of the pelicans there. I did not see any on the big lake – just on the river and the mouth at the lake. I think they like the smaller spaces. Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  3. I love Pelicans.. Both the white and brown pelicans are cool looking birds. We have both the white & brown seen here in Maryland.. Great shots.. Enjoy your evening.

  4. We didn’t see the Pelicans (or didn’t pay any attention to them if we did pass them) when we were in Yellowstone. We did get to the Fishing Bridge –but only briefly… Great photos of the pelicans. SO pretty!


    • Hi Betsy, Many thanks! I think the pelicans do not stay around there long. But that is only an idea of mine. We did not see pelicans in Sept. when we were there in 2011. Have a really tremendous day today!

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