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Yellowstone National Park, June 2014.

Top left:  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Top center:  Yellowstone Falls.  Top right:  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Basalt Columns.

Middle row left:  Yellowstone River at Nez Perce Ford.  Middle row center:  Yellowstone Lake.  Middle row right:  A boiling Mud Pot at the Mud Volcano area.

Bottom left:  View of the Grand Teton mountains from Yellowstone National Park.  Bottom center:  The Lamar Valley.  Bottom right:  The Yellowstone River.

Sorry no pictures of geysers.  It was very cold while I was at Yellowstone – in the upper 30’s and very low 40’s F. during the day.  It snowed twice in the five days we visited, and was raining on several of the days. Brrr.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version of that photo.  As ever, enjoy!  This post with scenic views was by special request.  Back to wildlife with the next post, and I will have a pleasant surprise.





Comments on: "Yellowstone National Park Scenery" (9)

  1. just beautiful falls and rock formations! love the pines, too.

    • Hi Theresa, Thanks! Yellowstone is a remarkable place and one of the World Heritage Sites for good reason. Yellowstone is a place of great beauty and has lots and lots of wild animals out and about. Have a super good Tuesday tomorrow and a really nice week ahead. By the way, a surprise on coming on Wed. that you’ll enjoy!

  2. OH MY HEART… I’m ready to go back.. I love Yellowstone and the Tetons. You might not know (since you are not a waterfall nut like me) that we saw 19 waterfalls in Yellowstone and 3 in the Tetons when we were there in the Fall of 2012…. It was amazing… I still haven’t processed my pictures for there yet for blogs….

    THANKS for doing this —probably just for me.

    • Hi Betsy, You are welcome! I hope all enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery of Yellowstone and can one day go in person (It is well worth the trip). By the way, we stayed in our travel trailer (called a “Caravan” in Great Britain and in some European places) and stayed at the RV park at Fishing Bridge. Very crowded RV park and you have to reserve your spot early. Have a pleasant coming week!

  3. I just love Yellowstone! Beautiful scenic shots. The falls is awesome.. Have a great evening and week ahead!

    • Hi Eileen, This was my fourth overall trip to Yellowstone and the second one in the last 4 years for me. I love seeing the animals as well as the major geysers. Glad you also enjoy Yellowstone’s beauty. Have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

  4. Such a beautiful place…one of my favorites. I long to see it again. Love those majestic mountains and lakes…breathtaking!

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