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Blue Jays, Carolina Wrens, Egrets and Ibises were all spotted here in my development in the last several days.  I was taking pictures around my yard a couple of days ago and spotted a pair of  Carolina Wrens and two Eastern Blue Jays. The Blue Jays were noisy sassy and flighty.  It was hard to take their picture because they kept darting into the shaded leafy areas of the Oaks.

Traveling a bit farther in my housing development, I watched Great Egrets, and adult and juvenile White Ibises at two different rainfall retention ponds here yesterday afternoon.  These ponds are drying up and only the largest water retention pond here, which is near the fitness center, has much water in it now.  That particular pond gets sprinkler irrigation run-off from surrounding lawn areas so it stays wet longer.  I took these pictures on July 28, 2014, and again on July 29, 2014.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!













Comments on: "Birds, Birds, and More Birds" (8)

  1. love the loudmouth carolinas!

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, it is a loud-calling bird. These cuties love to explore my front porch. I rarely see them but I do welcome their visits. Have a wonderful day!

  2. We have Carolina Wrens ‘nesting’ in a hanging basket on our front porch. We fought them all spring –trying to keep them OUT of the garage. SO–I just gave up and let them nest on the porch..

    Today, while we were working in the yard, one of the babies fledged and guess where he/she went???????? Into the GARAGE… Now–we can’t get him out… SO—the garage is OPEN –hoping that he will make his way out SOON… ha ha (Oh how I love those Cuties though.)


    • Hi Betsy, Well, as you may recall when I lived at the lake there in the ‘Glade, I too, had Carolina Wrens nesting in my hanging plant baskets. Just what these little birdies do. I sure hope your baby wren gets out of the garage without trouble. Glad you are patient and kind. Have a wonderful day!

  3. In the hot part of summer, birds really do love to be near water, don’t they. Although a river is only a hundred yards away, the water tub we keep out for the birds and other critters is more popular than the feeder.

    • Hi Montucky, Good thing you have a nice refreshing water tub which helps the birds and friends out. My neighbor has a well-used bird bath. Have a pleasant evening tonight and a great day tomorrow!

  4. Awesome birds and images.. I love the loud jays and the cute wrens.. The egret are always a pretty sight to see. And is that a couple of juvie ibis in the last shot? Enjoy your evening and the rest of your week!

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