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At first look from a distance, I thought these ducks were Florida Mottled Ducks, a very close cousin to the Mallard Duck.  No, they are  Mallard Ducks.  Mallards usually do not migrate here to Florida in the Summer.  These are probably offspring of farm pond escapees.  It is illegal here in Florida to release Mallards into the wild without proper permits to do so.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission is very concerned about  the hybridization between the native Florida Mottled Ducks and the Mallards, which may eventually lead to the near extinction or complete extinction of the native ducks.   I took these pictures on Friday, August 8, 2014 here in my development.  By the way, I went by this pond yesterday, and the ducks were not there.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger pictures.


Comments on: "A Concern for Florida’s Native Ducks" (8)

  1. how interesting. mallards are pretty free in their cross-breeding, i suppose.

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, I was quite surprised about the stance of the Florida officials – but they have to protect native species. I do love the Mallard Ducks though. Have a great day and thanks for your fine comments.

  2. That is a problem that is almost impossible to fix. I hate to see another species lost though.

    • Hi Montucky, I tend to agree with you as most land owners are unaware and buy Mallard ducklings to keep as pond ducks. Hard to keep on property if not clipping their wings (most do not). So, escapees do get into the wild and breed. Also, it is possible that migrants may like the area and stay longer than in the past. Who knows? I like Mallards and also like our Mottled Ducks. Both are cousins to one another. Have a great coming week!

  3. I do not think I have seen a Mottled Duck.. I will have to google them.. The Mallards are pretty. Enjoy your week!

    • Hi Eileen, The Mottled Ducks are in a few Southeastern states but are native ducks in Florida, and called Florida Mottled Ducks here. Have a super good coming week!

  4. Interesting.. I didn’t know that about the Mottled Ducks.. Not sure I have seen one. But–I’ve obviously seen lots and lots of Mallards…

    We finally got an inch of rain yesterday… First good rain we have gotten in awhile… It’s been extremely dry up here. Send some of your rain our way!!

    • Hi Betsy, I think we got nearly 3″ today all told. Our rainfall retention basins have lots of water in them as of this afternoon – some will certainly soak into the ground. I think we should see some wading birds or ducks here in coming days. Glad to send rain your way – just wait. Ha! Have a pleasant day tomorrow!

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