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A Lone Egret


This Great Egret was the only large bird other than Crows that I have seen around here.  The Great Egrets eat fish, aquatic animals and larger insects.  I usually only see one or two Great Egrets together.  By the way, It has been raining nearly every day and it has been breezy out.  Likely in the rainfall basins all the big white bird will find are some tadpoles, worms, and larger insects.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "A Lone Egret" (4)

  1. so funny, while your post was loading, i glanced out my window because i could hear a crow clucking (with about 4 eating seeds) and a great egret is perched on the old tree at the pond. 🙂

  2. I heard from a FL friend who said that you all have had tons and tons of rain and storms. We finally got a little rain here yesterday –but even though some areas around Crossville had A LOT of rain, we only got about .2 of an inch here…. Guess I should say that I am HAPPY that we at least got something. We are so dry –and dead leaves are coming off of the trees.

    The Great Egret is a gorgeous bird for sure… Good photo, Linda.


  3. They are wonderful birds to have around, lucky you! Gorgeous photos of the Great Egret. Have a great evening and week ahead!

  4. It looks even more stately alone. I envy the rain!

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