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Flying Cattle Egrets



DSC_7462 - Version 2

Here are more pictures of the Cattle Egrets that I took here in the development during this past Spring.   I hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures that never made it to my earlier post.    Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.


Comments on: "Flying Cattle Egrets" (5)

  1. they’ll probably be leaving here, soon, if they’ve not gone already.

    • Hi Theresa, I will be seeing more wading birds here in coming weeks as migration begins in earnest. I saw a couple of Snowy Egrets and Yellowlegs this afternoon at the larger rainfall basin here. Got a few pictures for Monday’s blog, too. Have a great weekend!

  2. They are pretty egrets, I assume they have left here a while ago.. Great shots.. Happy weekend to you!

    • Hi Eileen, I have still been seeing a number of Cattle Egrets on larger horse farms and cattle ranches here. I am now also increasingly seeing Snowy and Great Egrets. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Maybe some of the first migrators?

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