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A Splash of Bright Red


Male Northern Cardinals graced the Live Oaks here in my yard and in a Live Oak across the street.  There are three older juvenile male Northern Cardinals living in the shrubbery in the front yard across the street.  I saw the three fly up to the trees next door here and tracked them to my own trees.  Sometimes older juvenile males cooperate and live around one another.  Later in their lives, they go their own way.

I have not seen any hens but I am sure some are here.  My next door neighbor has both a bird bath and a bird feeder so the birds are well taken care of here.  I am looking into putting up a feeder of my own soon.  I took these photographs on Oct. 12, 2104.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "A Splash of Bright Red" (7)

  1. we tend to take them for granted, but they are such welcome beauties!

    • Hi Theresa, They are tremendous little gems. Wee-O, Wee-O, Wee-O, he,he,he,- he! That is what I used to hear TX Cardinals call. Her it is mostly just the first part. Have a fine weekend!

  2. The male Cardinal is a beautiful bird. Gorgeous photos.. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. These are certainly bright. Beautiful!

  4. Oh how I love my Cardinals. We have them year ’round –and I love to hear them ‘chip’ when they come to the feeders… The male’s red color is gorgeous especially during the drab winters here.

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