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Black Vultures


This flock of Black Vultures was running towards a meal on the highway we were traveling along,  when I quickly snapped the pictures.  I took these pictures through the windshield of our pick-up truck as we drove past.  I took these pictures on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, a few miles from my home.

The more commonly seen Turkey Vultures (red face and brown feathers), and these Black Vultures, are nature’s clean-up squad and often can be found eating dead critters that have been hit by cars on the roads.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

DSC_5437DSC_5439 - Version 2


Comments on: "Black Vultures" (8)

  1. I’m not crazy about Turkey Buzzards (or Vultures)–but they do clean up the area/messes.. SO–like a vacuum cleaner, these birds are needed… ha


    • Hi Betsy, Yes, especially so in rural areas. They are needed and are interesting if a little discomforting to see. Have a pleasant weekend and a happy evening (By the way, I think your best viewing spot for buzzards in the Glade is in the Otter Creek neighborhood near the Wildlife Management Area’s border to the development).

  2. They aren’t very pretty, but you have to give them credit for doing what they do!

  3. i love black vultures and their red-headed cousins, too. 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, I like the various hawks including all of the vultures. Great to hear you also appreciate these somewhat different birds. Have a happy Halloween and a really nice weekend!

  4. I think the vultures are cool and they do such an important job cleaning up! Have a happy weekend!

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