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DSC_5570Mottled Ducks are Florida’s ducks.  I enjoy seeing these cousins of the popular Mallard Ducks.  This small flock was happily exploring one of the horse ranch ponds we have been watching in the Northwestern part of Marion County, Florida, near Ocala.  I have been seeing Anhinga, Great Egret, Sand Hill Crane, White Ibis, the Mottled Ducks, and a Great Blue Heron at this pond.  Quite an interesting place for birding.  I took these pictures on Sunday, November 9, 2014.

The Mottled Ducks are dabbling ducks and eat insects, and grains mostly.  They tip their heads into the water of ponds, lakes, rivers, and marshy areas, to try to find food or they forage on the shorelines.   I think they are interesting ducks and enjoy seeing them.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Happy Veteran’s Day.  A big thank you to all who have served in the military.

DSC_5574DSC_5620DSC_5568 - Version 2


Comments on: "Mottled Ducks on a Cloudy Sunday" (4)

  1. Hi Linda, Yes—let’s never forget those who did so much and are doing so much to protect us… Happy Veteran’s Day to you too…

    Great picture of the ducks. I posted a Bird Blog today.

    Getting ready for another cold blast on Thursday!!!! Looks like winter is coming for sure… VERY busy in the yard!

    • Hi Betsy, I’ll look forward to reading your great blog post. Yes, I saw that forecast about Wintery weather coming to TN. Brrr. Good you have some time to prepare and get sensitive plants moved or covered up. We will be slightly cool here but not cold. Have a fine day today!

  2. i like the shot of the one ‘sneaking up’ on the egret. 🙂

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