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Mottled Ducks are native to Florida and I have been seeing more and more of these lovely dabbling ducks around my area.   A few days ago, we had some rain and a small rainfall retention basin next to our local public high school athletic fields flooded.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a small flock of the Florida Mottled Ducks happily paddling and resting on this tiny temporary pond.

The visit by these ducks happened at a great time as school was not in session due to the Thanksgiving holiday break.  This little basin also is completely fenced off with a six-foot chain link fence.  I happened to drive past the basin three days later and saw it was nearly completely dry.  I took these pictures on Friday, November 28, 2014 here in Marion County, Florida, very early on a cold 40 degree F. morning.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "Mottled Ducks in a Rain Basin" (6)

  1. very cute bunch. i love the bottom center photo – silhouetted in the light.

    • Hi Theresa, I was totally glad just to get the pictures. I had spotted these ducks the evening before and was hoping the flock would still be there the next morning. I got up early and gee, it was cold (for here, that is). Got the snaps and presto. So happy I did get the ducks photographed before the pond dried up. That is the way with those rainfall basins. Have a great day today and thanks for your always appreciated comments.

  2. I also like the bottom center photo. It’s very attractive.

    • Hi Montucky, Thanks! I had a good time in spite of the chilly weather. So glad to have been able to spot this flock and get the pictures. Have a fantastic afternoon!

  3. Great series on the Mottled Ducks! You are seeing some great birds there.. Have a great evening..

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! It is off and on. I went by the ponds in our development this afternoon and did not see any birds at all there. Hoping to see some song birds in the yards as we are having better weather now. I will post as I get the pictures. Have a super good Friday tomorrow!

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