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Coastal Plain Cooter Turtles

DSC_7894 (1)

Coastal Plain Cooters are freshwater turtles that live around the ranch pond where I have been spotting wildlife for a few months.  These turtles eat aquatic vegetation and tender grasses.  They are comfortable in the water and on land.

I spotted one of the turtles on the far bank of the pond, and one was very close to me, crawling around on the side of the road, in the tall grass near where we parked our car.  That turtle had a shell or carapace that was about 12″ long!   I took these pictures on December 29, 2014.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Wishing you a Happy New Year!



Comments on: "Coastal Plain Cooter Turtles" (7)

  1. Great pictures! I love to see turtles.

  2. they’re very pretty. 🙂 happy new year to you!

  3. The turtles are neat to see, awesome photos..

    I wish you and your family a happy & healthy New Year!

  4. Gorgeous pattern on the shell.

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