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Sunnyhill Restoration Area on the Oklawaha River near Weirsdale, Florida is a gem of a park.  It has several thousand acres of river bottom farm land, and a lot of the land has been restored to its natural state.  There are huge swaths of natural open fields close to the river.  There are mown areas and nature trails for easy flat hiking or horseback riding.  There also are several small drainage ditch creeks running through the area.  I walked about 1-1/2 miles while there.  It was bucolic and oh-so-fun!

I was at Sunnyhill on January 20, 2015 and saw Sand Hill Cranes (a few in the far end of one pasture pictured, and three up close near the front gate which seem to like that area), several Northern Cardinals, a flock of Ibis in flight, and a lovely Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker.  I also saw a few Eastern Phoebe birds.  I am including several scenic views of the beautiful park here on today’s post.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!




Comments on: "Scenes from Sunnyhill Restoration Area" (6)

  1. I should write down the names of these places, just in case we visit.. I love the cranes and the sapsucker.. Great shots.. Enjoy your Wednesday…

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, a good idea. I am pleased to have found a number of birding and wildlife watching places that are pretty successful and easy to reach. Have a super day today!

  2. i LOVE to hear that places like this exist – being restored and preserved for wildlife (and people who love and respect the outdoors).

    • HI Theresa, This conservation land is spectacular and a wonderful help to water birds, song birds, and many animals – there are even a few Black Bears in the Pine plantation area of this huge park. Have a wonderful day today!

  3. It’s good to see all of the brush cover there is for the birds and animals. Great place!

    • Hi Montucky, Some of the area is forested in Pines and woodland Live Oaks. There also are Maples and Sweet Gums (Liquid Ambers), and a lot of shrubs in places. So, there are plenty of places for birds to roost. Have a really tremendous day today!

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