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A Bald Eagle, Great Egret, a Sand Hill Crane, a hawk, two Turkey Vultures, and an Osprey were all spotted yesterday during my brief visit to the Paynes Prairie Preserve overlook on highway 441, just South of Gainesville, Florida.  I enjoy going there to try and do a bit of  bird and critter watching.  I did not spot any American Alligators or any snakes.  It is very hit and miss what will be seen on any particular day.  I did not get good pictures of the Osprey on its nest or the vultures so I decided not to include those shots here.

By the way, most of the time, the critters are spotted a long way off so having a long lens or binoculars is a good idea there.  Also be sure to look for the birds of prey on the electric poles across the road as that is often where some may be found.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!




DSC_1489 (1)

Comments on: "Yesterday’s Views at the Paynes Prairie Overlook" (9)

  1. Wonderful sightings! I love the eagle and the hawks.. The Crane is always a cool sighting..Sounds like a great spot to see the birds. Have a happy Wednesday!

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, the spot is free of charge and there usually is something cool to see. At times, there are critters up close, but usually not. I still do enjoy the spot very much. Have a fantastic day today!

  2. oh, the eagle is just amazing!!!

  3. It was a day for the big birds. I especially liked the photos of the hawks in flight.

    • Hi Montucky, It was refreshing to be able to take pictures of the hawks flying. Usually it is hawks perched in a tree or on a pole. Thanks! Have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow!

  4. Hi all, My Red-headed Woodpecker mystery at home deepens. I just saw a pair of Northern Mockingbirds in the same place my hubby said he had heard a Red-head. So, was it really a Red Headed Woodpecker (Twir-twir-twir) or was it the great mimic(s)? That is the question. Have a wonderful day and I will keep you posted about this little mystery. Linda (Wildlifewatcher)

  5. How neat… Looks like you saw some beauties at the Paynes Prairie Reserve… I want so desperately to see an EAGLE –and they are around here near the lakes… BUT–I still have not seen one… One day I will—I HOPE.

    • Hi Betsy, If you do go to scout Lake St. George (that is among the better places in my opinion to see eagles), try to see if you can spot groups of Coots – the eagles love to eat Coots! I sure hope you’ll see Bald Eagles. I hope you do fine in this cold blast you will be enjoying (or not!) today. Have a great day in spite of being a tad chilly.

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