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DSC_3746A pair of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers caught my eye this morning at the lovely huge wild St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge here on the “Forgotten Coast” of Florida.  We got to the refuge fairly late this morning and it was quite warm.  Fortunately it was not raining.  I have never before seen a Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

These woodpeckers are native to the Southeastern states and are fairly rarely seen birds.  Like many woodpeckers, the Red-cocaded Woodpeckers dine on insects and occasionally berries and nuts.  They live mostly in hollowed out sections of tall pine trees.  I am thrilled to have spotted them.

By the way, I recommend the Carabelle Beach RV Resort if you ever want to stay in the area (no I am not receiving any discount for the mention and do not have any affiliation with the business).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger photo.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "What a Woodpecker Wednesday!" (9)

  1. congrats on the sighting!

  2. What good luck! I know how much you love woodpeckers.

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, I was fortunate to spot these birds. I am thinking that they were a mated pair as both were in the same couple of trees together. Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow!

  3. Congrats on sighting this woodie. I was looking for them during my visit there too, but I did not see any. Great photos, have a happy day!

    • Hi Eileen, I saw the birds at St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge in a picnic area park on the shoreline of a large lake. That lake is up the street from a residential neighborhood off of the main highway in Panacea, FL. I hope you will be able to see these woodpeckers some day. Have a tremendous coming weekend!

  4. Wow—what a find!!!!! I’m so happy for you and I know you must have been so excited… I love seeing ‘new’ birds… That’s SO neat…Congrats.


    • Hi Betsy, Thanks a bunch! I sure did enjoy the St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge and seeing the beautiful birds there was a bonus! I hope your yard is as beautiful as I think it is. You both work so hard to have lovely flowers and lawn. Have a great day today and a nice holiday tomorrow!

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