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This Sandhill Crane is the same juvenile I have photographed for just over the last three months now (I think it was March 16, 2015 when I first posted a picture of the chick with parents).  I spotted this crane at the same horse ranch pond in Northeastern Marion County where I often have photographed water birds.  I did not see the parents this time.  I wonder if the parents are on a nearby pasture or if they have left the juvenile for an extended time.

I do not know if the juvenile, which appears mostly fully grown at around fifteen weeks of age, can fly yet.  Sandhill Cranes are excellent at flying.  I believe the family was of the native Florida group of Sandhill Cranes.  I am not sure how much longer I will be seeing this wonderful crane here.  The crane likely will eventually seek a mate and possibly move on.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "The “Baby” Sandhill Crane is a Grown-up!" (8)

  1. I love the Cranes, they must grow really fast. Great shots! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. so glad he made it to full-grown! hope he makes it to full maturity!

  3. It has been very good to follow his progress to full grown. I hope he has a long, plesant life!

  4. The Birding Bunch said:

    How wonderful for you to see! I hope you are doing well, it’s been awhile since I commented here.

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