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A Tri-colored Heron

 001 (2)

This Tri-colored Heron was preening its feathers on a scorching Florida afternoon.  I spotted the large wading bird on the shoreline of a small lake.  This bird looked and acted hot.  It also had rained quite a lot just before I arrived at the park where the lake is located.  I took the pictures on two occasions spread by several minutes as I walked around the park and back.

There were several different ducks, a few cormorants, and a egret or two along the sandy shores of the lake.  That is a pink fungus seen on the driftwood-like stump next to the heron.  Everything seems bright and colorful here in Florida!  I took the pictures on June 22, 2015.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger view of the picture.  Enjoy!

 002 004 003


Comments on: "A Tri-colored Heron" (6)

  1. Wow, awesome shots of the Heron. It is a beauty! The pink fungus is weird, I have never anything anything like it. Great shots, have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  2. so very beautiful! i hope to see one in person one day. 🙂

  3. Excellent photos of it! What a beautiful big bird it is!

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