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I spotted several small flocks of American White Ibises in the last two weeks.  Here are some of the views of the big white wading (and lawn) birds!  Ibis like rooting around in freshly mown lawns to seek out insects, worms, and grubs.  They also will wade in shallow water to get aquatic snails or other small water insects to eat.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger photo.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "More American White Ibises" (8)

  1. Beautiful birds, Linda… You have many of the same birds there as my son has on the gulf coast of Texas… GORGEOUS.

    We finally got rain this past week –and LOTS of it.. Think we’ve had 6-7 inches in a week… Now–I’m ready for some sunshine.


    • Hi Betsy, It has been very rainy here in my region of Florida lately. Rain every day for about the past six days. We get big storms like you do. Yes, some of the birds are similar there on the TX Gulf of Mexico coastline to here. Have a fine Tuesday tomorrow!

  2. very cool birds.

  3. You are privileged to have those pretty birds around, and I’m glad to see that you enjoy and appreciate them so much!

    • Hi Montucky, I so agree! Florida is really chock-full of unusual and more commonly seen birds – especially wading birds. Lots of lakes, rivers, swamps, and beach coastline for the birds to enjoy. Lots of undeveloped areas, too. Yes, I am lucky to live here. Have a super good Tuesday tomorrow!

  4. Great captures of the White Ibis! They are cool birds to have around your place! Have a happy day!

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