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This is an Egyptian Goose that I spotted about a week ago, at a small park lake in Lake County, Florida.  These waterfowl are not true geese, but are an old hybrid mixture of Shelduck and Goose.  This species originally came from the Saharan regions in Africa.

There a number of Egyptian Geese out in the wild in Central Florida.   All Egyptian Geese here are  escapees from zoos or private farms, or are birds intentionally let loose for whatever reason (or descend from such).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger version of each photo of this beautiful bird.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Egyptian Goose on the Loose!" (9)

  1. I had never heard of Egyptian Geese so many thanks! It sure was worth clicking on the photos to see the beautifully subtle colours in their feathers.

  2. Hello, it is a handsome duck. Cool sighting and photos. I guess an escapee does not count as a lifer, it would still be neat to see it. Happy Monday, enjoy your week ahead!

    • Hi Eileen, These are like the Muscovies but not as many are around. Florida officials really wish these birds were not around but since they are here, and so far, are not harming anything, well, the birds will stay as they are. Have a great evening and thanks for your always nice comments!

  3. so very cool to see an ‘exotic’ species. 🙂

    • Hi Tex, Yes, I was so very pleased to have seen the Egyptian Goose. Have an especially nice Tuesday tomorrow. By the way, there seem to be Egyptian Geese on the loose in TX, too, so maybe you will spot one someday.

  4. Here in Cape Town SA they are our most common bird. Found in every piece of green grass.

    • Hi African Birding, Gee, that is quite interesting. So the Egyptian Geese here are a long way from where they originated. Thanks for your nice comment. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Fran Sullivan said:

    We have a pair of Egyptian geese here in Lake Charleston which is in west Boynton Beach in Palm Beach county. It took me a little while to identify them. They are so beautiful!

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