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I was pretty surprised to see not just a pair but four of the Egyptian Geese here on a local park lake.  The other surprise for me was how swiftly these geese fly!  I think that speed is their Shelduck heritage showing, as they are actually a quite old hybrid of Shelduck and Goose.

Egyptian Geese are beautiful waterfowl!  I took these pictures on August 3, 2015 early in the evening.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger version of that photograph.  Enjoy!






Comments on: "Four Egyptian Geese Are Here Now!" (4)

  1. their wing and body colors in flight remind me of the whistlers, but their head is very distinct!

    • Hi Tex, When I first spotted the geese in flight, I was a long way away from the birds and thought them to be Whistlers. So, yes, I think you are right. Have a wonderful evening tonight and a great day tomorrow!

  2. Hello, I agree with Tex. They remind me of the Whistling ducks. Great sighting and photos. Have a happy Thursday!

    • Hi Eileen, I am suspecting that there may be more of these Egyptian Geese around in Lake County, Florida, than I had originally thought. There are a lot of golf courses. There also are a lot of small lakes, and a few marshes. Lots of appropriate habitat for waterfowl. Have a great day today. Thanks for your always appreciated comments.

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