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DSC_6356This Carolina Wren was happily hopping around the trees, shrubbery, and lawn here when I snapped these pictures on a very rainy afternoon yesterday.  I am always glad to see songbirds here.  I of course, see a lot of larger wading birds but the songsters have been in molt and nesting so I seldom see many.

The Carolina Wrens love to peek around the edges of homes.  They often can be seen on porches.  This bird was hunting for insects in the bushes and in a large nearby Magnolia Tree.  By the way, although we will not have a Tropical Storm, it has been quite rainy here in Central Florida as we are dealing with the frayed remnants of what was “Erika”.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger photograph.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "The Tiny, Sweet, Carolina Wren" (4)

  1. Good morning, I love the sweet Wrens. They are adorable, wonderful photos. I have been thinking about this Erika storm and my Florida blogging friends. I hope the rain stops soon. Take care and have a happy Monday.

    • Hi Eileen, We have not had terrible weather just bursts of medium to heavy rain and mainly in the afternoon. Not terribly different from our Summer garden-variety thunderstorms. I hope that will be the case this afternoon and tomorrow AM. Thanks about the wrens! I am happy to have spotted a few little birds yesterday. Loads of big birds around. Have a great day today and thanks for your always appreciated comments and good weather thoughts.

  2. love these tiny sprites!

    • Hi Tex, Yes, they are fun. I had one on my porch that was looking through some Magnolia branches my hubby had trimmed. These tiny cuties are very inquisitive and love human habitation. Have a fine day tomorrow!

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