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Lots of Big Birds at the Lake


Wood Storks, a Tri-colored heron, American White Ibises and an Anhinga were spotted at a pleasant little park lake near Spanish Springs Square, The Villages, Florida, on September 9, 2015.  This is one of several smaller lakes and ponds around that neighborhood.  Many of these small lakes have a variety of wading birds and waterfowl along the shores.

Lots of bird action happens at these little bodies of water nearly every day, late in the afternoon or very early in the evening.  The birds go to their roost, located in other areas, just before sunset.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!



Comments on: "Lots of Big Birds at the Lake" (4)

  1. I love the Stork photo 🙂 it’s my favorite

  2. so very cool! i am jealous on all variety of waders you have there.

    • Hi Tex, Yes, it is not just that one little lake, but several places also attract a lot of the waders here. I just found a couple more spots to watch. I’ll post here if anything interesting is observed. Thanks for your great comments. Have a fabulous Thursday tomorrow!

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