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Squirrels in the Area

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrels and Sherman Fox Squirrels are both residents of our Central Florida area.  The most commonly seen squirrel is the Grey Squirrel.  The Sherman Squirrel is much less common.  The fox squirrel lives where there are pines and oaks and is mostly found in rural areas.

The Sherman Fox Squirrel is a large squirrel with a long luxurious bushy tail, similar to that of a fox.  The Sherman Fox Squirrels come in a number of colors but many are the light brown with black accents.  The Sherman Fox Squirrel has a faint mask over its eyes like that of a raccoon.

The Sherman Fox Squirrel is a really gorgeous animal!  Both kinds of squirrels I have shown here eat nuts, acorns, berries, insects, small reptiles, eggs, and some fruits and plants.  I have really enjoyed seeing the Sherman Fox Squirrel!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Sherman's Fox Squirrel

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Comments on: "Squirrels in the Area" (6)

  1. I have never been a fan of squirrels since I don’t want them in my bird feeders…. BUT–the past week has been the worst experience with squirrels that we have had since moving here in 2002. ALL of a sudden we are totally overcome with TONS of squirrels… AND–they are so aggressive, even climbing on our screens to try to reach feeders, etc. They are also trying to chew holes in our big heavy container which holds the extra bird seed…. Because of their aggression, we have had to (for the first time) put all birdseed/feeders away permanently for awhile… I feel sorry for the birds –but the squirrels were getting all of their food -and I cannot afford to keep buying more JUST for the squirrels… I worry a little because I wonder what has caused this… George thinks that maybe someone here in the Glade nearby had been feeding the squirrels –and now may be gone from their home here….????? Something has definitely happened since we had very very very few squirrels around here all summer….CRAZY…. I assume they are hungry –but we had plenty of nuts come down this Fall… SO??? Any thoughts???? Email me at betsyadams@mac.com since I won’t get back to your blog for your comments here. THANKS.

  2. oh, the sherman fox is adorable with his little dark mask! we don’t see grey squirrels in my immediate area either.

    • Hi Tex, I only have spotted the Sherman Fox Squirrel in one area here which is in a nature preserve next to a medium-sized lake. This preserve is up against a golf course and houses across the road so it is needed. The Sherman Fox Squirrel is beautiful and pretty calm. I think these squirrels have seen plenty of visitors in the month that the preserve has been open. Have a great weekend and happy Halloween!

  3. The Sherman squirrel is interesting! All we have here (aside from the imported ones in the cities) is the Red squirrel, which is a very small squirrel and usually appears more black than red.

    • Hi Montucky, I have seen Red Squirrels and feel that they are exquisite animals. I really like several of the squirrels more common to the West such as the Douglas and the Kaibab. All are wonderful when well behaved. I do understand about bird seed feeder raids. It does happen at times just as it does with raccoons. Have a great weekend and happy Halloween! Enjoy your beautiful mountains!

  4. The Sherman squirrel is new to me, we only have the regular grey squirrels here. Great shots. Happy weekend to you!

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