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Common Coots

Common Coots

Common Moorhens and Common Coots are both members of the Rail family of birds. Both of these duck-like birds were spotted a few days ago happily paddling around the marshy shallows of a medium-sized lake in a new nature preserve, the Sharon Rose Weichens Preserve, which has opened at The Villages, Florida. This preserve is also where I photographed the Sherman Fox Squirrels.

The Moorhens and Coots mostly eat vegetation but also will eat insects, worms, and snails.  They really are quite good at flying as well as walking on land (but generally only walk near the shore). These birds are often preyed-upon by eagles and hawks. Both genders of Common Coots look-alike, but the hen Common Moorhen is brown rather than the black of the drake Common Moorhen. I am always happy to see the coots and moorhens! Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.

Common Moorhens

Common Moorhens

Common Coot

Common Coot

Hen Common Moorhens

Common Moorhens

Comments on: "Common Coots and Common Moorhens" (6)

  1. I was familiar with coots but not moorhens. They are interesting!

    • Hi Montucky, I had not seen Moorhens before moving to Florida. I don’t believe these birds are very commonly seen in Western states. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello, the Moorhen shots and Coots are awesome. It is nice you captured the pair together.

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, it was quite nice to see the pair together. This is a new preserve up against a lake with new houses and a new golf course very close to that area. I am glad the preserve was created. There also is a small two story wooden observation tower which is nice. Have a great weekend!

  3. so cool. i’ve seen coots from afar on a local lake.

    • Hi Tex, So happy you have been able to see some of the Coots. The Common Moorhens are cousins to the coots and are also a type of rail (just a bit smaller and flashier). Have a really great coming week!

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