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A Flock of Wood Storks!



This Wood Stork flock is visiting a small local lake here in my area. I was amazed to see twenty-two Wood Storks along a short stretch of shoreline on Wednesday evening at twilight. This group of storks is a migratory flock. I have never seen so many Wood Storks at once. Wow!

The Wood Storks like eating small fish, aquatic snails, small turtles, frogs, tadpoles, large insects, small snakes, and other small animals that can be found in the shallows of lakes, ponds and rivers. The birds scoop up food with that sturdy big bill. These birds are found in Florida and in a few other tropical, mostly wild places in the United States. The Wood Storks just came off of the Endangered Species List and are still a Threatened Species here in the United States.

It is interesting to me to see how easily the Wood Storks and several other of the large wading birds, stand and hunt near houses and buildings in some places here in Florida. It seems like these birds adapt to their surroundings pretty well. It is important for people to remember not to feed exotic wild birds and to keep a good distance away (so as not to disturb the birds). There were some egrets also in the pictures and I saw many different kinds of ducks, geese and wading birds in the area.  Please click on the thumbnail images to see the larger picture. Enjoy!





Comments on: "A Flock of Wood Storks!" (8)

  1. It’s pretty cool to see those big old guys around and know that they are doing well!

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, they seem to be doing OK here. It surprised me to see these birds in a suburban setting but I think they are just here for a rest and feeding spree (there are lots of fish in our little neighborhood lake it seems). We have a lot of newly arrived water birds here now. I have been told that we can also expect White Pelicans soon. I will take pictures as the new birds come by. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! The Wood Storks are cool birds. It is neat you saw so many in the flock. I enjoyed seeing them during my visits to Florida. Great photos and post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, So glad you enjoyed the storks while you were in Florida. I am surprised to see the storks in yards but they do adapt well it seems. Nice that these birds are rebounding after being in low numbers for a long time. Have an outstanding weekend!

  3. If you get a chance, check out the Wood Storks at the Rodman Reservoir, now that the draw-down is in progress. The Wood Storks seem to really love the newly created land among the forests of cypress stumps.

    • Hi Bruce, Many thanks for this nice tip. The Wood Storks are among my favorite birds. I live at the North end of Lake County, FL, so I will check it out. I only recently moved into the area. Have a great coming week!

  4. that is so very cool!

    • Hi Tex, Oh yes, it sure is. I saw a couple of Wood Storks this AM plus a whole bunch of other birds and animals around the community. There are many small lakes, ponds and marsh preserves around our development and community here. I can’t believe how many birds of all sizes are out and about. Yes, I have been busily taking pictures. I’ll post many tomorrow. Have a super good coming week!

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