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Whistlers on Wednesday

Enjoying the looted bird seed (and the squirrels likely get the blame!)

Enjoying the looted bird seed (and the squirrels will likely get the blame!)

Black-bellied Whistling Duck are among the favorite ducks here on the blog.  No wonder – “Whistlers” are just cute fun ducks!  They exude a charm with their pink bills and feet.  They have real personality!

I took these pictures at Lake Paradise in The Villages, Florida, this past weekend.  I noticed that the home under construction at the pond end of this small lake (connected by an under-street culvert to the main body of water) was not being worked on at that moment, so I went along the shoreline beside that lot and took some long-distance pictures of the Whistlers.

Fun to note is that on the shoreline of the main lake, a homeowner has a bird feeder set up on a pole in their backyard.  The Whistlers really are clever!  My husband saw one of the Whistlers fly up and peck at the feeder and behold, a shower of bird seed came down.  I waited but I did not catch this act at all.   Those are intelligent little cuties, for sure!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version of that photo.  As ever, I hope you enjoy seeing the Black-bellied Whistlers!

A Group Approaches a Pond-side Backyard ( a Hand-out in Mind???)

A Group Approaches a Pond-side Backyard  -Begging with a Potential Hand-out in Mind???

Coming in for a Pond Landing (We heard there was food???)

Coming in for a Pond Landing (to possibly enjoy the Duck-Chow Party?)

Comments on: "Whistlers on Wednesday" (4)

  1. THey are really cute! Party ducks!

  2. AH, my favorite ducks. They are so darn cute! It is great you are seeing them in your neighborhood. Have a happy day!

    • Hi Eileen, I know the pictures were not the best but the ducks flew in so quickly I had a hard time getting the pictures taken. I also had to take the shots of the ducks on the lawns from across the lake. Soon, I won’t be able to access the pond segment easily at all. So, I guess I am enjoying the last few times there. I won’t want to sneak across somebody’s yard to look at the pond. Have a great day tomorrow!

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