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Anhingas and Double Crested Cormorants both are fairly commonly seen here in Central Florida lakes and ponds during the Winter months.  Both are water birds that fly as well as swim, dive, and stand or walk on the shoreline.   Anhingas prefer fresh water and Cormorants are seen in both fresh and salt water.  Both birds are meat eaters.

The Anhinga is a larger bird than the Double Crested Cormorant.   Anhingas have a long sword-like bill while the Double Crested Cormorants have a shorter slightly thicker bill with a slight hook at the tip.  The Anhinga has a honey brown throat and some streaky white feathers on the tail and back.  The Double Crested Cormorant is very dark brown with the orange-yellow feet and bill.

Anhingas tend to roost in tall trees such as the Cypress Tree.  Anhingas are often solitary or with a mate while cormorants tend to be more of flock group birds.  I photographed both of these kinds of birds here in the past month.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

Double Crested Cormorants

Double Crested Cormorants

Double Crested Cormorants with Pelicans

Double Crested Cormorants with Pelicans

Bill of Anhinga

Close-up of the Bill of an Anhinga




Double Crested Cormorants

Double Crested Cormorants

Anhinga (left) and Cormorant

Anhinga (left) and Cormorant


Comments on: "Anhingas and Double Crested Cormorants" (7)

  1. really like these odd birds. 🙂

    • Hi Tex, I think they are neat. I really enjoy seeing how the birds fish and how the cormorants cooperatively fish with pelicans. The Anhingas seem prehistoric! Have a great day today and thanks for your always fine comments.

  2. These are the black fisher birds. Seems there’s quite a variety. Not sure the UK ones are double crested.

  3. I enjoy seeing your photos of these large birds, especially the Anhingas.

  4. Hello, great post and information. The Anhingas are cool birds. Great captures, I like the shot of the pelicans with the cormorants. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Many thanks! I had a lot of trouble at first telling Anhinga from Double Crested Cormorant until I found those differences in color, bill, and slight size. Now, it is pretty easy to know which is which – they have very similar habits, too. Have a great weekend!

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