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Ibises in the Yard


White Ibises come through my neighborhood and browse for insects, worms, grubs, and tie-bits of seeds on lawns from time to time.

Early last night at twilight, we came home from shopping at the local supermarket to find a small flock of Ibises on our lawn.  So, out came my camera and here is the result.  I enjoy these goofy-looking sweet big birds!

It does take a bit of getting used-to but I really love having White Ibises on the lawn.  The ibises don’t stay long in one spot.  I suspect that the ibises are good for the grass, too!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger image.  Enjoy!  Have a happy Easter!



Comments on: "Ibises in the Yard" (6)

  1. I just love this White Ibis, they are so pretty. Kind of unusual looking because of the beak color and legs. Great photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    Happy Easter!

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, I also love Ibises. Each seems sweet and personable if one could apply that to a bird. They are not tame but are tolerant of people, for the most part (at least around communities). Have a great Easter!

  2. That’s pretty cool, having a bunch of them in the yard! I think I would like them a lot better than the wild turkeys that we have here!

    • Hi Montucky, As far as I can tell, the ibises are pleasant birds – but still wild birds. I would not fear them or think that they would damage anything. They just do their browsing and either walk onward or fly off. I think you are right about the turkeys. Ha! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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