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A Great Blue Heron, a few Double Crested Cormorants, a s-l-o-w (is there any other kind?) turtle, a pair of Mallard Ducks, and a male Boat-tailed Grackle were all spotted at what I refer to as “The Walmart Pond”, at Buffalo Ridge near the Villages, Florida on CR 466, last night at about five thirty.  I go to the pond every week or so to check out the wildlife.  My husband and I happened to be in that area last night around dinnertime and decided to visit the pond for a few minutes.

By the way, I did not see any ‘gators!  The Alligators may well be gone but possibly they were just submerged and out of sight.  I enjoy going to this pond to see what wildlife is there.  I am usually rewarded by a sighting of large birds!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!

A Freshwater Turtle Slowly on the Move

A Freshwater Turtle Slowly on the Move

Double Crested Cormorants & a Great Blue Heron

Double Crested Cormorants & a Great Blue Heron, and another small freshwater Turtle

A Male Boattail Grackle

A Male Boattail Grackle


Comments on: "Another Early Evening at the Walmart Pond" (8)

  1. my turtles scurry in short bursts when necessary. 🙂 love that pond.

    • Hi Tex, Glad your turtles can go go go when necessary. I like this pond, too! What is so nice is that it is in a really busy area and most of the time still looks like a nice addition to the community and good habitat for the critters. Have a super nice weekend!

  2. That pond is a very pleasant place!

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, it is. I agree! Only slight drawback is that on really windy days, sometimes the shopping center parking lot trash will blow into the shoreline plantings (and pond itself once-in-awhile). Have a pleasant weekend!

  3. Hello, It is a great pond for the birds and critters. I prefer the turtles over the gators. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Oh yes the turtles are a bitter fit for this particular pond than the gator (even if they seem to be younger ones – glad I did not spot them). Have a great weekend!

  4. I visit my Mom in the Villages several times a year and I love all the birds here! I was trying to identify a bird I saw at the preserve yesterday and was able to do it via your blog!

    I really enjoyed reading your entries and looking at all the great pictures! I have subscribed to recieve your updates via email. I look forward to receiving them!

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Cathy, So happy you were able to identify the bird! I love being here in The Villages. Wonderful spot for daily life as well as birding and other wildlife watching. Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for your nice comments!

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