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Sandhill Cranes have made their home in The Villages, FL at several locations.  They enjoy eating tender grasses so the big birds may be found around some of the golf courses and parks.  They also spend time near ponds and lakes for the water source.  They do not like wooded or tremendously marshy land except to travel through or to get a drink of water.  They prefer cleared land.  They also eat grains.

This pair of Sandhill Cranes are native here in Florida and have not migrated.  That is how one tells the natives from the migratory cranes from the Midwestern areas of the United States.  Basically, both types of Sandhill Cranes are nearly the same.  I am always thrilled to see the Sandhill Cranes here!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly smaller version of the photo.  Enjoy!  Wishing all Moms a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!



Comments on: "Florida Sandhill Cranes in The Villages, FL" (4)

  1. Hello, I would be thrilled to have the Sandhill Cranes nearby. Awesome photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! Yes, living here in The Villages has been especially nice. I love getting out and wildlife watching in many different spots. Lots to see. Have a great weekend and have a happy Mother’s Day.

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