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Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

This Glossy Ibis was spotted on Saturday, April 30 2016 at a small parkland pond in The Villages, Florida.  This pond is located on Morse Ave. above CR 466 and is along the golf cart multi-modal path.  This pond is near the beautiful Live Oaks Park and Lake Sumter.

Glossy Ibises are a little more common than the White Ibis in the USA but here in Central Florida, the White Ibis are more numerous.  This Glossy Ibis is the third Glossy Ibis I have seen in the last year.  Some can easily confuse the Glossy Ibis with juvenile White Ibises but the Glossy is a deep brown all over without any hint of white.  The juvenile White Ibises have a light brown color with a pinkish bill and begin to turn white fairly young.

By the way, in addition to the Sandhill Cranes, the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, egret, and Florida Mottled Ducklings I saw at this pond with the ibis, I also spotted a Great Blue Heron!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!

Glossy Ibis (at far right)

Glossy Ibis (at far right)

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis


Comments on: "Glossy Ibis, Great Blue Heron" (2)

  1. Hello, wonderful sightings of all the waders. I like both the Ibises. The shot with the mixed group is great, I also love the crane.Wonderful post and photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! I so enjoy getting around and about looking for and spotting the big waders. I also am thrilled by the ducks geese and songbirds here. On Friday I will post some snaps I have recently taken here on my own street and yards of songbirds. Have a great day tomorrow!

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