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Great Blue Heron & Wood Stork

Great Blue Heron & Wood Stork

This Wood Stork was strolling around the shore of the Santiago golf course pond in The Villages, Florida, a few days ago with several other wading and shorebirds.  Amazingly, a Bald Eagle overlooked the scene.  I am thrilled to see the Wood Stork as it has been several months since I last spotted any Wood Storks here in The Villages.

The Wood Stork uses its large thick bill to scoop through the mud for bits of worms, snails, insects, aquatic plants and pretty much any small aquatic animals to eat.  I just love seeing these endangered species list big birds!  I think they are so serene and unique.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

Wood Stork & Glossy Ibis

Wood Stork & Glossy Ibis

Wood Stork

Wood Stork


Comments on: "A Wood Stork With Lots of Company" (11)

  1. Hello, I am glad the Wood Stork came back for a visit. They are cool birds. I hope it sticks around for you! Great photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! I am just so thrilled to live here where the critters abound! The other day I went outside and there were a trio of Mallard Ducks sitting in the driveway of the home across the street. Don’t see that every day! Have a super good Memorial Day weekend.

  2. they look so prehistoric. love them!

    • Hi Tex, I like that thought. The Wood Storks do look prehistoric. They seem like placid sweet birds (nobody should get close though). Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  3. It’s cool that you have so many of the big birds around! I enjoy seeing them.

    • Hi Montucky, It is really fun to go out to the many ponds and small lakes around here and often spot several wading birds. I am more often seeing herons and egrets, but get excited when spotting a Bald Eagle, a Glossy Ibis, a Tri-colored Heron, several Mallard Ducks, Mottled Ducks, a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, and a Snowy Egret all at the same pond on the same evening in a mere 10 minute stretch! Glorious fun! Unusual by the way. I sometimes get skunked and don’t see much at all. Just depends. Have a truly fine Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the Wood Stork! I am not familiar with the bird but am so happy to have discovered it thru you. Sad, it is endangered 😦

  5. Some improved news on endangered status – it has been upgraded to threatened…”After a successful three-decade conservation effort resulting in an increased population in the southeastern United States, the wood stork was removed from the endangered species list and upgraded to threatened on June 26, 2014″…..still sad, but better. Thank you for helping me discover the Wood Stork!

    • Hi Cathy, So good to know! Happy news about one of my favorites. There are never many Wood Storks here in The Villages, but I once saw a flock of seven in one place (Paradise Lake in Paradise Park near the golf cart bridge). Have a super good Memorial day weekend and thanks about the status of the Wood Storks!

  6. The Wood Storks are such gorgeous birds… Enjoyed your photos…


    • Hi Betsy, I so agree! Have a great weekend and enjoy the deer if you see them on the golf course. I also know you will enjoy your gorgeous yards!

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