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I am posting early and probably will not post tomorrow.  We will have a tropical storm or hopefully not, a hurricane around.  I live in Central Florida on the very Southern edge of where this storm from the Gulf of Mexico is expected to pass over Florida.  I do not expect trouble but our Internet service sometimes goes out in bad weather so I wanted to let you know why I am posting early.

I hope you will enjoy seeing this pair of Northern Mockingbirds that live here on my street and mostly in a nearby neighbor’s yard.  For awhile, I had hoped they would nest in my bushes but alas they did not.  The pair chose the neighbors shrubbery instead.  These birds are clever mimics and here love to confuse the residents with their sweet sounds of Northern Cardinals, and even Palm Warblers.  Ha!  Both birds of this pair, also do enjoy perching on the corner street sign.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  As ever, enjoy!  I doubt we will have a rough go during the storm.  Everything should be just fine and I will post again on Wed. as usual.


Comments on: "An Early Post on Northern Mockingbirds" (6)

  1. I hope the storm will not do you any damage! Good luck!

    • Hi Montucky, So far, so good. I think it will mostly be wind and heavy rain. Hopefully no tornadoes or street flooding. We are under a Tropical Storm Warning here in my locale. I live in the middle of the state about 70 miles inland both ways. I think we will be fine. The storm is expected later tonight. No rain yet but it is breezy at 1: 13PM Eastern. Thanks for your good wishes. Have a nice day!

  2. hope all will be well for you.

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