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Mourning Doves


Mourning Doves have been cooing in the trees here on my street all year-long.  These placid medium-sized tan doves are so soothing and pretty, they are a joy to have nearby.  The doves have enjoyed feeding at the neighbor’s hanging tray bird feeder and also picking up fallen seed underneath the feeder pole.

Mourning Doves also enjoy a splash or two at the neighbor’s bird bath during the hot weather.  Doves mostly eat grains but do also enjoy some fruits from time to time.  They are sweet-tempered birds.  I took these pictures during several days in the last month.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of that picture.



Comments on: "Mourning Doves" (5)

  1. Hi, We have a couple of Mourning Doves who think they ‘own’ my Bird Kitchen area. They seem to always be nearby….. I had always thought that it was the female that coos on the nest—but I read that it’s the MALE…. DId you know that?


  2. We have two species of doves here. I love hearing their calls, especially in the evenings. I set out seeds on the ground for them because they seem to prefer ground feeding.

  3. lovely birds.

  4. Hello, The doves are sweet birds. I have not seen any lately in my yard. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  5. Hello everyone – I am on blog break and will be off and on the Internet intermittently for the next couple of weeks. I will be back to blogging on my regular schedule the second half of August. Time for a much needed break for me.

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