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Cute Living Yard Ornaments


This pair of White Ibis were hunting for a quick meal in my front yard this afternoon.  There was a break in the rain squalls so the big white birds came to browse for bugs.  I am glad!  The ibises are entertaining and pretty cool about my watching them and taking their picture (from an appropriate distance using my zoom lens).  In the parks, the ibis seem calm and tame but when patrolling neighborhood lawns, they can be skittish.  I was happy to see the birds be so nonchalant about my presence.

We are awaiting the coming Tropical Storm which we hope will not do much if anything as far as damage here in The Villages.  Up North in Ocala where I used to live will be a bit rougher but still not hurricane strength stormy.  I am going to post today, Thursday, instead of tomorrow due to uncertainty about the coming storm.  Probably everything will be fine!  I will let you know tomorrow or on my regular Monday post.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger picture.  Enjoy!


UPDATE:  All is fine for us here in my neighborhood of The Villages, FL.  No damage on my street and just a bunch of Oak Tree sticks to rake up.  No flooding or high winds at all.  Thanks for your good wishes and prayers!   Wildlifewatcher



Comments on: "Cute Living Yard Ornaments" (5)

  1. they are like those cranes folks put in their gardens – but much better. glad you will be okay – hopefully.

    • Hi Tex, Yes, very fun to have the ibises around. The birds came back a bit very late in the afternoon which surprised me. So far, no severe weather and only a few minutes of big wind. We will likely have bands of weather come through. Have a great day tomorrow and thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. Hello, I would like to see the Ibis on my lawn. Especially if they eat all the bugs. Great shots. I hope you stay safe from the storm. Happy Friday, have a happy weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, The ibises hung around several hours off and on. I was amazed. Yes, all was fine las night through the storm. This AM we just had a bunch of Oak sticks to pick up and one of our regular wood decorative window shutters split off a corner a little. No damage or flooding here. I was so thankful! The storm apparently hit the Big Bend area of FL (St. Mark’s, Shell Pointe, Wakula). Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m glad to see that the storm did little damage to your home! Have a great weekend!

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