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Neighborhood Songbirds

Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren

It has been rainy here so I have not gotten out much but I did manage to snap a few pictures of birds on my street in recent days.  I spotted a tiny Carolina Wren enjoying the bird feeder that is in a neighbor’s yard.  I also took a picture of an Eastern Blue Jay perched on the top branches of a very tall tree near my home.  That picture was taken at dusk in very low light so I have lightened it quite a lot here.

The last two pictures were of a Mourning Dove and a couple of male Boat-tailed Grackles enjoying that very same bird feeder.  My neighbor’s feeder attracts many different birds!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Eastern Blue Jay

Eastern Blue Jay

Boat-tailed Grackles

Boat-tailed Grackles

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

Comments on: "Neighborhood Songbirds" (5)

  1. Hello, nice variety of birds. I love the sweet dove and wren! Happy Monday, enjoy the new week ahead!

  2. grackles are so entertaining.

    • Hi Tex, Yes, they are very fun to see. There were several hundred Boat-tailed Grackles here on my street a few days ago. It was just a huge flock traveling South. Have a great day tomorrow!

  3. It was nice to see the grackles. I was used to seeing them in Arizona, but I’ve never seen them here.

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