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A Northern Mockingbird

I hear this Northern Mockingbird pretty often but only see the lively bird once in a while.  This time the song I heard was an imitation of the Northern Cardinal.

It makes me laugh when the Mockingbird suddenly changes its singing and out of the open beak, comes the song of a totally different species of bird.  Just like that, two or even three bird songs in a row.  Talented!

Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Comments on: "A Northern Mockingbird" (6)

  1. They are fun to listen to! I wish we had them here.

  2. I don’t see many Mockingbirds here. One year, I had one around for several months –but none since then….


    • Hi Betsy, I don’t recall having many around the Lake St. George neighborhood up there either. We had a sassy pair at the little farm in the Lake Tansi area when we lived there on that place a few years back. Here we have a little of everything it seems. Our poor neighborhood lake has sandbars on the main section now – the far fingers are now dry as a bone! Hope we get some rain here soon. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello, wonderful captures of the Mockingbird. We had them outside our place in Florida, They sing loud. Happy 1st day of Spring. Enjoy your new week ahead!

    • Hi Eileen, Happy Spring to you as well! Spring is a lovely time. I spotted a family of ducklings (Mottled) on the little park lake over the highway from us. Soon, I will go back with my camera and take a few snapshots of the little family. Have a great coming week!

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