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Lake Paradise in The Villages, Florida has an amazing number of birds visiting these days.  Of course with the water level so low, there has been very easy access to fish, frogs, tadpoles, turtles, aquatic insects, and aquatic plants.  The supermarket for birds has been open for fine dining and the birds have been loving it.  No rain other than our big storm on Saturday.  That helped a tiny bit. I was glad for the moisture.

I took these pictures on Sunday early in the evening.  I spotted the flock of White Pelicans, a Great Blue Heron, a pair of Egyptian Geese, a few Double Crested Cormorants, lots of Canada Geese, a flock of White Ibis, several small shorebirds, crows, and the usual Mallard and Mottled Ducks.  I never know what birds will be there so it is a lot of fun to check on the visitors.  I think they also somehow check on us, too!  Ha!

Please click on the thumbnail image to see a slightly larger version of that picture.  Enjoy!






Comments on: "More Scenes from Paradise" (2)

  1. That’s a great photo of the pelicans with their reflections in the water!
    We are having a heavy rain last night and today that would replenish those lakes! The birds wouldn’t like it because for awhile it turned to snow.

    • Hi Montucky, That is something I think I would probably never see (but then you never can tell) here in my area of FL – snow. I wish we had that rain of yours. It may rain some this weekend if the forecast is correct. I enjoy seeing all the variety of big and small birds here. We now even have a pair of Mallard Ducks strolling around our street and we live about a half mile off of the lake! Have a great day today and thanks for your really nice comments!

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