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I spotted this pair of Sandhill Cranes standing next to the golf cart path on Sumter County Road 466 on the Arnold Palmer Legends golf course in The Villages, FL on Sunday night at about 5:30pm.

It is not too unusual to see Sandhill Cranes on the courses here in The Villages. They love browsing for grass, seeds, and insects.  Of course the tender grass is easy on their feet and most of the courses have a pond for them to drink from.  I think the Sandhill Cranes pictured are Florida natives.  We have several breeding pairs in the area.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Wading Bird Wednesday: Sandhill Cranes" (4)

  1. Beautiful birds…. Bet you are glad to be living in Florida now. You certainly do see lots of gorgeous birds.


    • Hi Betsy, Great bird watching here that is certain. I especially appreciate seeing all these birds and animals since we had so few in Southern California where I grew up due to urbanization. Have a great day. We are stormy here but nothing severe (I hope!).

  2. They are always nice to see! I saw the first Blue Heron of our season yesterday.

    • Hi Montucky, What great news about your heron sighting. Glad for you. We have had a good soaking rain here today and are catching back up where the lake is refilling a little. Long way to go but our monsoon season is just beginning. Have a great day tomorrow!

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