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Little Blue Herons

Little Blue Heron at Ochlockonee River State Park, Florida

I spotted these Little Blue Herons at the little lake behind Freedom Pointe in The Villages, FL  at a vernal pool in the campground at the Ochlockonee River State Park near St. Mark’s National Wildlife Sanctuary in North-Central Florida, and also at both Schwartz and Boone Parks in The Villages at Lake Paradise (which is now refilling with water).  I saw these beautiful big wading birds within the last month (Schwartz and Boone  herons possibly with Snowy Egrets or juvenile herons, on Wednesday).

The Little Blue Herons start as white juveniles and as they age, they turn a beautiful purple blue with olive-green legs and feet.  They are much more of a blue hue than the similar-looking Reddish Egret.

The Little Blue Herons eat frogs, fish, crawfish, small turtles, baby alligators, ducklings, and occasionally aquatic snails, worms, and larger aquatic insects.  They generally spear their prey with their sharp long bill and then gulp the food down.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Little Blue Heron at Boone Park in The Villages, FL

Little Blue Heron at Schwartz Park in The Villages, FL




Little Blue Heron at Ochlockonee River State Park in Florida

Snowy Egret with Little Blue Heron at Freedom Pointe in The Villages, FL

Little Blue Heron at Freedom Pointe in The Villages, FL

Comments on: "Little Blue Herons" (6)

  1. I like to follow your blog because I enjoy things about wildlife. I only wish that I could see the photographs better. They are tiny on my screen, even after clicking on them. That is why I can’t comment on them.

    • Hi Sherry, I will see what can be done about that. They look fine in Safari which is what I use (Laptop). I will get my hubby who is more techie than I to figure it all out. I also was saving space as I have been on WordPress for 7 years and used up all my free space (I have junked a lot of older pictures to get the space I now seem to need to use). All will hopefully get fixed. Many thanks for letting me know. Linda

      • I checked the size of your images by downloading one. It is 640 pixels wide. I deleted it after testing it. I make mine 1200 px wide. You can see the difference when you click on one of mine and compare it to yours. My monitor displays at 2560×1440. Hope that helps.

  2. Nice to see! The Egret and the Heron look like they are synchronized.

  3. I export images at 1200 px wide at 72 dpi for WP. I also use large thumbnails. I pay WP for more storage, better templates and tech support. Your images are small even in my cell.

    • Hi Sherry, I appreciate your courtesy and help. I do not pay for the service as I am not charging for the site and do not make anything off of the blog. I just do it as a hobby and hopefully to help kids and others learn about various birds and critters. Thanks again. Linda

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