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The Calm Before That Storm!

A Squadron of Mottled Ducks sails on the Freedom Pointe Lake

Egrets, Egyptian Geese, Canada Geese, Herons and Mottled Ducks were all spotted here in The Villages, FL on the lake at Freedom Pointe and on the street parkway on Buena Vista Blvd. last week.  I so enjoy getting out an about to spot and watch the birds here.  We often see these exotic birds!  It is amazing.

I have been working on hurricane preparations as we expect to see some type of tropical storm force or hurricane force winds here on Sunday and Monday.  We don’t have a firm track for the hurricane so I cannot say how bad it should be but I think we will be better off here inland as we are 60 miles from both coastlines.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Please understand if I don’t post on Monday – perhaps we will have power but likely not.  Thanks.

A Great Egret Hunts in the Shrubbery on Buena Vista Blvd.

White Ibis, Egyptian Goose, Canada Goose and Great Blue Heron

A Great Egret Roosts at Freedom Pointe


Comments on: "The Calm Before That Storm!" (7)

  1. Hello, I am hope you are safe from Hurricane Irma. It looks so big and scary right now. Take care!

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! I hope we will be fine – hard to say but the current and ever-changing forecasts say we should do OK here in Lake County (I live in the most Northwest part of the county). Thanks for your good wishes. Have a great day!

    • Hi Eileen, Bet you are glad you are back up home in MD and not down where you had lived here in FL! Hope all in that area do OK as I can imagine you have many friends there. Linda

  2. I hope you will not be badly impacted by the storm! Best of luck!

    • Hi Montucky, Sure do hope so too. Likely won’t be awful here in Central FL as I am inland 60 miles both coasts. Thanks for your thoughts. Hope South FL does OK but that area will certainly get slammed.

  3. Stay safe down there… My love and prayers are with you.

    • Hi Betsy, Many thanks! Looks like FFG may get some rain from Irma. Hope all goes well in our area. I think we will only get tropical storm winds or low CAT 1 winds and maybe 7″ rain here in Lake County, FL (The Villages area). Have a wonderful day.

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