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Bald Eagles are nesting now and some of the chicks are now older and are considered as juveniles.  Tonight at dusk, I photographed a family of Southern Bald Eagles on the nest and perched on a high tension electric line here in The Villages, FL.  This nest is on the tower that is behind the heron, egret, and ibis roost to the East of Morse Blvd. just South of Rio Grande.

I am sorry about the quality of the photographs as it was getting dark and the birds were a fair distance off.  I took some of the photographs from a different street which was on the opposite side of the tower.  I have cropped and lightened up the pictures so you can more easily see these majestic birds.  The juveniles are a brown color with a few smaller patches of white coming through where they will eventually have white colors (head, and tail mostly).  It was such a thrilling sight to see the mother or father bird with two juveniles (one in the nest and one on and off of the nest).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Worth Waiting For: A Family of Bald Eagles!" (3)

  1. I love seeing them and listening to them. The ones across the river here are pretty active now.

    • Hi Montucky, So nice you also get to see the eagles! I was really jazzed about seeing this bunch! I had seen a pair but no juveniles at this tower a few days ago – I think the kids were inside the nest and ducked down. Tonight my husband and I were totally happy to catch the family there and visible (from across the street from the field where the tower is stationed at). Have a super nice day tomorrow!

  2. I’ve seen only two in the wild. Awesome to see them!

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