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Great Blue Herons are commonly spotted on most lakes here in The Villages, FL.  Along with the Great Egrets and the White Ibis, the Great Blue Herons are fairly easy to spot on the shore.  I took these pictures recently of the Great Blue Herons at Paradise Park Lake and at the Freedom Pointe Lake.

These wading birds are still in the remnants of their breeding plumage but are nesting now and will soon molt or lose their breeding feathers.  The Great Blue Herons eat fish, frogs, crawfish, small alligators, small turtles, waterfowl eggs and babies, and occasionally small snakes and lizards on the immediate shore area.  The Great Blue Herons live mostly around fresh or brackish water ponds, lakes, rivers and marshes/swamps.  These herons nest in tall sturdy trees in large stick nests.  Sometimes, they will just rest on docks, piers, empty small boats, and yes, gazebo structures!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

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