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A pair of Sandhill Cranes was spotted last night about 6:30pm in the Hacienda neighborhood, across the street from a golf course, here in The Villages, FL.  We have a year-around population of Sandhill Cranes which are native here in Florida.

Sandhill Cranes love browsing on tender grass on cool shady golf courses where there also usually is a pond for drinking water.  These cranes will eat insects and worms as well as aquatic plants, small fish, frogs and small turtles.

The cranes here in The Villages don’t seem terribly concerned by people being around as this pair were actually standing on the front lawn of a residence across the street from the course (and across the street from Sandhill Crane statues in a front yard).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

The Statues

Comments on: "Sandhill Cranes in The Villages, FL" (2)

  1. We were just in West Palm Beach Gardens at my son’s house and there were 3 that walked the neighborhood every day. They were so interesting to watch. We also saw Ibis walking around. I heard there were peacocks there also, but they didn’t show while we were there.

    • Hi Jeanne, How wonderful for you! I have not seen any peacocks here in The Villages. Sometimes the owners of other developments have small numbers of peacocks around. Have a wonderful weekend!

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