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Migratory Ducks

Northern Shoveler Ducks

Northern Shoveler Ducks; Hooded Merganser Ducks; and Lesser Scaup Ducks are here in The Villages, FL on various small lakes and ponds.  It is so much fun to see our Winter visitors!

The Scaups and Northern Shovelers mostly eat aquatic vegetation, seeds and grains as they are dabbling or tipping ducks.  These ducks tip their head down into the water to feed on aquatic plants.  The Hooded Mergansers dive under the water to catch fish frogs, tadpoles, crayfish, aquatic worms, and tender small frogs.  The Hooded Mergansers mostly paddle or float on the water when not hunting, while some of the other ducks rest on the immediate shoreline during some part of the day.

Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the picture.  Enjoy!

Hooded Merganser Ducks

Lesser Scaup Ducks, (drakes in black & white)

Lesser Scaups, Hooded Mergansers and a Double-crested Cormorant

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